Our Septic Services

Residential & Commercial


A septic backup is an awful thing to think about, but if you haven’t had your tank pumped and cleaned out in a while, it might be time to do so. Septic systems need regular maintenance to improve their ability to manage wastewater from your home or business. Sparks Septic Service offers complete septic pumping and clean outs.

  • Counties mandates septic system pumping every 3 years.
  • But if you are experiencing any of the following, give us a call right away!
  • The ground around your tank or leach field has standing water, even when the weather has been dry for some time
  • It stinks around your septic tank
  • There is a backup of water or sewage into your drains from tubs or sinks or your toilets

Sparks Septic Service offers 24 Hour Emergency Customer Service, for those situations that can’t wait!

Sparks Septic Service takes pride in doing the best of our ability to remove all liquid waste from your septic tank, cleaning baffles, filters, checking sewer lines, and follow up with inspection of the complete septic system. These things help us to communicate to the home/business owner to ensure proper septic systems function between continuous maintenance.

We have the equipment to get the job done, including extra long pumping hoses, while offering quality and affordable service. No need to ever back on your lawn.


Rely on Sparks Septic Service to pump and clean your septic wastewater holding tank. Unlike traditional septic systems, a holding tank holds wastewater but doesn’t have a seepage area system to further deal with the waste. As a result, a holding tank needs more frequent pumping, on a needed basis.

If you have a holding tank, call Sparks Septic Service to schedule a regular maintenance plan.


Rely on Sparks Septic Service for a complete inspection of your septic system. We will examine all parts of your septic tank and leach field to ensure the system is functioning properly and efficiently, for routine maintenance and realty sales. We also offer repair and maintenance services. Call to schedule your inspection today!

A grease trap system keeps the grease, from your restaurant, from getting into the sewer. We offer quality grease trap cleaning. Sparks offers efficient, timely and affordable service that won’t break the bank.

Call to schedule grease trap cleaning today!
We offer bacteria Additives to improve the health of your system

Bacteria in your septic tank helps to break down waste. However, the bacteria in your system can be destroyed or damaged by certain things that may be put into the drain. Pumping your system regularly can help, but even with proper maintenance bacteria may become overwhelmed. When this happens, we may recommend a bacteria additive to help support those bacteria that are essential to the function of your septic system. If you have concerns about the health of your septic system, contact Sparks Septic Service. We can help evaluate what measures would make your system perform better.